• Zero calories

    Zip. Nada. Nothing.

  • Sugar Free

    For guilt free sipping.

  • Non-GMO Product verified

    Absolutely no nasties.

  • Vegan Friendly

    No animal products here.

  • Natural Flavours

    Only the good stuff, picked fresh.

  • Gluten Free

    So go for it!

  • 0% alcohol

    Just in case you’re wondering.

Vyne herbal can

The herbal One

Sparkling water with a subtle herbal
character, brought to life through hops.
An inviting blend of tropical fruits,
rosemary, spice - and all things nice.  

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The Citrus One

Hops lend this sparkling water a
bright citrussy taste and aroma,
with notes of lemon, lime and
grapefruit. This is a
real zinger.

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Vyne citrus can
Vyne floral can

The floral One

Discover yet another side to hops with
this delicately floral sparkling water.
A subtle blend of rose and hibiscus with fresh green notes. Think running through a spring meadow.

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Our Story

Who says hops are just for beer?

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WE LOVE HOPS. And we wanted to enjoy their GREAT TASTE
throughout the day. So we set out to create a refreshing
drink with a HOPPY KICK, for any time.

Carbonated water can be a bit blah. But add hops, plus
a distinctive blend of
botanicals, and you’ve got 


You see, when it comes to taste, HOPS ARE A LITTLE
They can impart a whole range of complex
flavours and aromas, from tropical to floral, piney to spicy
(and almost everything in between).

We use them in our HERBAL, CITRUS AND FLORAL
varieties to add a dash of
excitement to our water.
Your tastebuds will thank us for it.

As well as being made with natural ingredients, Vyne has NO ADDED SUGAR
It’s the perfect non-alcoholic alternative. Or, if you fancy
something a little harder, it also tastes great as a mixer
or in a cocktail.

That’s the good stuff, right there.



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It’s time to discover
refreshment, revitalised.